n77 insert sim solution

U808 handfree icon solution tested

warning bad contact charger solution

CHINA NOKIA 8GB Charging Solution

E-Tel M77 A

iPhone 4 Touch Solution!

iPhone 3G Touch Solution!

If you tried other touch and not solve,try this solution.
iPhone 2G Touch Solution.

3GS No Charging Solution With Only 1 Mosfet Made by Saharatw

iPhone 3G Sim Solution!

iPhone 3G Second USB Solution With New Layout.

iPhone 3GS Camera Solution.

iPhone 3GS LCD solution.

If you tried other LCD and not helped try this solution.
iPhone 4 Battery Connector Solution!

I have revised connections and make right solution.
iPhone 4 Light & LCD Solution.

3G Mic Solution!
3GS Sim Solution!
If you have sim problems try this solution.
iPhone 3G Short Between Vbat & Gnd Solution.

3GS No Charging Second Solution.

If you tried mosfet solution or before make mosfet solution try this.
iPhone 4 Sim Solution.

iPhone 3G No Charging Solution!

If you tried to replace charger or dock flex try this solutions.
By wites13 at 2011-11-11
iPhone 4 No Connection With PC USB Solution

iPhone 3GS No Connection To PC USB Solution

iPhone 3GS Not Charging Solution

3GS Antenna Network Missing Components Solution

I came across many people that have this problem.
3G Grayed no wifi second hardware solution

Here photo of vdd wlan 1v8 supply ic
iPhone 3G when no sync with pc USB solution
Make only if L11 missing,water damaged or bad
iPhone 3G Grayed No Wifi Hardware Solution
In my case i have tried to restore,downgrade firmware & no result
then i installed iRecovery program it showed that problem not soft
ware but hardware here step by step photos what i made

phone 3Gs correct (green color) solution for no charge e no sync with PC. Tested by me and work
.:: Iphone 3gs full short or dead change this marked IC ::..
.:: Iphone charge no response done by jumper ::.
.:: Iphone 2g speaker ways ::.
.:: Iphone 3g Thouch IC ::.
.:: Iphone 3g ringer ways ::.
..:: Iphone 3gs lcd light solution ::.
Iphone 3g and 3gs no backlight solutions

If problem in circut then:
1:change this ic
or 2: make jumper

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