[CUSTOM ROM][MIUI]MIUI V5 For Canvas 4 MICROMAX A210 New latest version MIUI 3.10.11 updated

new latest version MIUI 3.10.11 updated

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MIUI 3.10.11


HTC Clone X920e SPD SC6820 Android Flash Files

Link File download :Download

Some KDZ Firmware Links

A250 V10F
A133 V10H

E400 V10N
E430 V10B
E460 V10F
E510 V10D
E610 V20D
E973 V20H
E975 V10D

F100S V40DV29lV10l
F100L V40bV29l
F120S V30c
LGF120L F120L310
F120K V30A
F160S V20FV10FV20E
F160L V20FV10pV10eV20cV20d
F160K V20GV10GV20D
F180S V20LV20iV10j
F180L V20RV20NV10P
F180K V20KV20IV10K
F200L V20eV20cV10h
F200S V20eV10gV20c
F200K V20dV20c
F200K V20dV10g
F240K V10r
F240S V10w
F240L V10v
F260S V10j

IS11LG IS11361

KB2700 KB270709
KB6100 KB610608

KC3500 KX350706

KH1000 KW100616
KH1200 KW120615
KH1300 KW130713
KH1400 KW140714
KH1600 KW160716
KH1800 KW180713
KH1800M KW18M809
KH2100 KW210731
KH2200 KW220820
KH2700 KW270810
KH3100 KW310913
KH3400 KW340005
KH4500 KW450813
KH5800 KH580106
KH6400 KW640808
KH6500 KW650814
KH8000 KW800917
KH8400 KH840204
KH8600 KW860907

KM900 V10G

KU1700 KU170910
KU2000 KU200913
KU2100 KU210913
KU2200 KU220004
KU2800 KU280107
KU3700 KU370040KU370017
KU3800 KU380005
KH3900 KW390012
KU4000 KU400911
KU4300 KU430006
KU5400 V20IV20FV10O
KU5900 V30IV20T
KU6000 KU600816
KU6300 KU630915
KU8200 KW820908
KU8800 V20CV20CV10D

L01D V20C
L02C V10D
L02D V20A
L04C V10G
L03E V10B
L04D V10A
L07C V10E
L09C V10C

LU1400 LU140822
LU2100 LU210927
LU3000 LU300021LU300031
LU3100 LU310027
LU3700 LU370039
LU5400 LU540125LU540141
LU6200 LU620143LU620167
LU6500 LU650128LU650137
LU6800 LU680159LU680153LU680181
LU8300 LU830133
LU9400W LU94W017

LV2400 LX240608
LV3000 LV300708
LV3000S LV3S0708
LV3700 LV370718
LV3800 LV380811
LV3900 LV390810
LV4200 LX420612
LV7400 LV740918
LV7400R LV74R901
LV7500 LV750914
LV8500 LV850107

P350 V10A
P500 V20G
P505 V20F
P509 V10S
P700 V20D
P710 V10D
P760 V20C
P769 V20D
P870 V20d
P875 V10A
P880 V20A
P895 V10F
P920 V30A
P925 V30B
P930 V20c
P940 V20D
P970 V30B
P990 V30A
P999 V21Y

SB190 SB190613
SB210 SB210906
SB260 SB260004
SB270 SB270711
SB310 SB310718
SB350 SB350811
SB630 SB630704
SB610 SB610616

SH100 SW100617
SH110 SW110617
SH150A SW15A712
SH130 SW130718
SH150 SW150714
SH170 SW170710
SH210 SW210721
SH240 SW240814
SH400 SW400812
SH410 SW410807
SH460 SW460809
SH470 SW470808
SH490 SW490810
SH560 SH560106
SH640 SW640810
SH650 SW650814
SH810 SW810909
SH840 SH840204
SH860 SW860908
SH860S SH86S906

SU100 SU100811
SU130 SU130911
SU370 SU370009
SU420 SU420009
SU430 SU430010
SU540 V20H
SU550 SU550006
SU630 SU630911
SU640 V30DV10p
SU660 V30C
SU760 V30BV30BV20F
SU780 SU780107
SU870 V20F
SU880 V20C
SU910 SU910911
SU920 SU920008
SU950 SU950019
SU960 SU960909

SV240 SV240610
SV260 SV260607
SV280 SV280715
SV300S SV3S0707
SV390 SV390806
SV400 SV400005
SV420 SV420609
SV570 SV570810
SV710 SV710907
SV730 SV730906
SV770 SV771003
SV800 SV800912
SV850 SV850107

T320 V10D

[GUIDE] How to Update KDZ Firmware

  1. Download LG_KDZ_FW-Update_OfflineFix
  2. Download LGUnitedMobileDriver_S4981MAN38AP22_ML_WHQL_Ver_3. 8.1 and install.
  3. Extract LG_KDZ_FW-Update_OfflineFix and setup B2CAppSetup.exe from KDZ_FW_UPD_EN folder.
  4. Connect the phone in normal mode(with USB Debuggin ON) or connect in download mode.
  5. Go to windows menu, type cmd and rightclick and run in administrator mode.
  6. Drag Automatic Offline Procedure.vbs over command prompt and hit enter.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Click on windows enable icon in system tray to turn ON then click the dialog box OK. If you get an error in this stage you have to edit the host file manually (remember tinyumbrella host edit?). Go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc and edit the hosts file. Add at the end. You may need Administrator privileges to do that or you can do that in safe mode.
  9. Click OK.
  10. Select KDZ file and click Normal web upgrade test.
  11. Click on Upgrade Start.
  12. Click on Clear phone Software update Registry and then click OK.

    Software Update Procedure will start immediately. It will take some time to finish. You are DONE.

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