Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 Charging Problem Jeck Ways Jumper

Samsung Glaxy S3 Charging Problem
Glaxy S3 Charging Jeck Problem Solution
First Try To Change Battery If  Battery Damage Or Dead.
if Battery Ok Then Check Charger Volts,Still Problem Not Solved Then Make Jumper Like
Diagram Below.

Nokia N8 Headset Detection Problem Solution

Nokia N8 Headset Not Detect Solution
Nokia N8 Handsfree Not Working Point Ways Jumper
For Problems Mentioned obove You Can Solve This By Following Jumpers Shown
Below Diagram.

Iphone 4S Signal No Network Problem Solution Ways Jumper

iphone 4s shows no network no service problem
Check Capister as shown in diagram or change with other capister.
Second Check with multimeter the line as shown in diagram.
if problem not solved heat or change power amplifier.

Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 Charging jumper Solution 100% Tested

Samsung Galaxy s3 i9300 Charging jumper Solution
samsung galaxy s3 i9300 not charging solution repair
samsung i9300 not charging solution free download

BST Dongle Released V3.06.00 - Discussion Here

Release Date: 30/11/2013
> First in World GT-I9505 Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/NVM/*HW
> First in World SGH-M919 Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/NVM/*HW
> First in World SGH-M919M Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/NVM/*HW
> First in World SGH-M919V Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/NVM/*HW
> First in World SGH-I337 Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/NVM/*HW (Beta)
> First in World SGH-I337M Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/NVM/*HW (Beta)
> First in World SGH-I337Z Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/NVM/*HW (Beta)
> First in World SC-03E Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/NVM/*HW
> First in World GT-N7105 Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/NVM/*HW
> First in World GT-N7105T Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/NVM/*HW
> First in World SC-02E Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/NVM/*HW
> First in World SGH-I317 Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/NVM/*HW (Beta)
> First in World SGH-I317M Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/NVM/*HW (Beta)
> First in World SGH-T889 Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/NVM/*HW
> First in World SGH-T889V Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/NVM/*HW
> First in World GT-P6200 Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/*HW
> First in World GT-P6200L Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/*HW
> First in World GT-P6201 Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/*HW
> First in World GT-I9300T Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/*HW
> First in World GT-B5510 Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/*HW
> First in World GT-B5510B Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/*HW
> First in World GT-B5510L Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/*HW
> First in World GT-B5512 Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/*HW
> First in World GT-B5512B Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/*HW
> First in World GT-I9128I Flash/*ScreenLock
> First in World SCH-I869 Flash/*ScreenLock
> First in World GT-I9158 Flash/*ScreenLock
> First in World GT-S7560 Flash/*ScreenLock
* Added fuzzy search for device model, type keyword auto index model
* Samsung>Flash Tab added [Backup NVM] and [Restore NVM], Support Full NVM Read&Write
* Samsung>Flash Tab added [Help], get model operation manual
* Samsung>Flash Tab move [Backup PIT] and [Check PIT] option to [Service]>[Misc]
* Samsung>Flash Tab move [Wr.Default EFS] to [Service]>[Repair], one-key restore default EFS
* Samsung>Service>Repair Tab optimize imei repair, IMEI Repair and IMEI Patch in one click
* Samsung>Service>Repair Tab added [Undo Patch], if device not support imei patch then one-click restore
Official Mirrors:
BST Dongle - Installer Mirrors & Install Instructions

Android Download manager [ADM] Version-3.0 Released [Celkon Enabled]

How To CWM RECOVERY BSNL PENTA WS708C BSNLdroid ROM 2013 Free Download

Rom Features:
+ Pre-Rooted

Flash tool WS708C:


Usb Flashing Driver WS708C


How to Flash:
1. Turn off Developer options under setting menu
2. Connect your tablet to pc through cable
3. Connect charger to your tablet (otherwise your tablet wont go into flash mode)
4. Follow instruction as per below screen shot

You Might Also Like:
DROID RAZR M Verizon Jelly Bean 4.1.2
Rom Features:
+ CWM Recovery ( Thanks to fun )
+ Rooted by Super SU 1.25
+ Xperia Launcher (For those who like Most amazing menu)
- You can change your menu on your own way under Xperia Launcher setting
+ Sony Walkman Added
+ Sony TrackID Added
+ Sony Clear Audio+ driver added for most clear sound ever.
+ New Boot Animation
+ StatusBar Icons are Changed
+ Lockscreen ring changed
+ Terminal Emulator Added
+ Init.d support
+ Init.d tweaks added found on xda to improve performance
+ File Manager HD Added
+ Barcode Scanner Added
+ Windows 8 Driver added in Flasher
+ Titenium Backup Added
- Removed Some unwanted stock app to increase system space

How to Flash:
1. Turn off Developer options under setting menu
2. Connect your tablet to pc through cable
3. Connect charger to your tablet (otherwise your tablet wont go into flash mode)
4. Follow instruction as per below screen shot
5. First boot you are in cwm recovery
6. Do Wipe data/factory reset under cwm recovery
7. Reboot
8. Wait for first system boot
9. It shows damaged sdcard so you have to format internal sdcard
10. Reboot again
11. You are Done. Enjoy your new ROM

Firmware DROID RAZR M Verizon Jelly Bean 4.1.2 Free Download

Original Jelly Bean Fastboot Files for DROID RAZR M Verizon

Android 4.1.2 ---- 98.15.66.XT907.Verizon.en.US


Android 4.1.2 ----


Symphony w15-w12 pattern lock 100% safe New Solution

100% safe remove pattern lock no need adb or flash
no need adb
no need format
no need flash

download tool and 2mb file, flash with this tool 2mb flash file your mobile 100% safe pattern lock remove and hang on logo also solve

Tool link

W15 pattern lock file
Previous Post CHk & See

w12 pattern lock file

 first download flash file tools



All andriod phone app tools

Nokia 100 Insert Sim Final Solution 100% Tested

Micromax X324 success with Dragon 3.17b Mstar MSW853XB

[Guide] How To Android Samsung M110S Soft Bricked Solution here

M110S Soft Bricked Solution


THEN Flash this LATEST Firmware of M110S
 Odin3 v1.3.rar download

Download official Nokia firmware without Navifirm+

...:: Download official Nokia firmware without Navifirm+ ::..
Things you need:
1. Latest version of Nokia Suite (version 2013_13_4_4)
2. usergroupsconfiguration.cfg file
You can download both files from Here

1. First install Nokia Suite. Do not run after the installation is finished

2. After Nokia Suite installs, copy and replace the usergroupsconfiguration.cfg file to
C:\Program Files (x86)\Nokia\Nokia Care Suite\Product Support Tool For Store 5.0
if you’re running a 64-bit version of Windows.
Or C:\Program Files\Nokia\Nokia Care Suite\Product Support Tool For Store 5.0 if on 32-bit.
Running Nokia Suite and Downloading the firmware:

1. Open Nokia Suite. And select ‘Product Support Tool For Store 5.0′

2. When prompted, select ‘CareSuite External’ then hit ‘Sign-in’ button.

3. From the Menu, select Tools, then ‘Firmware Download’

4. Now enter the product code of your device, hit ‘Check Online’ button, to check the latest firmware version of your product code.

5. Then ‘tick’ ‘Optional Content Files and ‘Download’ to save your firmware.
6. Wait a few minutes for your files to download
7. You may now manually flash your Nokia device with the firmware you just downloaded.

- Your firmware should be stored in the C:\ProgramData\Nokia\Packages\Products folder of your hard drive.
- If you need to download a different firmware version for the same product code,
I suggest you wait for your first download to finish, save all the downloaded files in a marked folder, then proceed with your next download.
- Partial List of Nokia Lumia product codes.

This process is for experimental purposes ONLY.
I will not be responsible for any damage your device may incur during the manual flashing.

Hero Tab a10 7 inch

Download From here

[JXD S5300] ANDROID PLAYER Firmware Flash File Free Download

DOWNLOAD LINK: s5300_JB_13012013
NOTE: Tutorial is inside the rar file .. tested by me

How To Format Flash ROM NAND Partitions Solutions Livesuit Erase Image

this will solved some errors flashing some tablets like Error 0/62 and fail flashing in some % etc etc

file just use for

A13 , and A10 Chipsets Only

download from here

How To Samsung Galaxy Note3 4.3 Jelly 'Beans Firmware Free Download

I am not responsible for anything that may happen to your phone as a result of installing custom roms and/or kernels. you do so at your own risk and take the responsibility upon yourself.
JellyBeans is Geared Towards Users that want the look of AOSP but want the stability and feautures of touchwiz (Theme Coming Soon!)
Base Rom Feature's:
  • Based off of My Deodexed OTA VRUBMJ7 4.3
  • Bash, BusyBox, Sqlite3, Init.d Supportt
  • JellyBeans Hacked Launcher for Speed
  • JellyBeans custom build.prop tweaks
  • JellyBeans Custom Bootnaimation
  • Custom init.d support for SS
  • Custom Ad Blocking Host File
  • Custom JellyBeans Bookmarks
  • Custom Extended Reboot Menu
  • Custom 1% Battery Mod
  • Added custom notif and ringtone
  • Added aosp news/weather widget
  • Added Gpe Sunbeam live wallpaper
  • Added Cyanogenmods Torch and cLock
  • Added Fully Resizeable Note2 Popup Browser
  • Added Emoji keyboard
  • Enabled negative color widget
  • Enabled Mobile Hotspot
  • Enabled burst shot
  • Enabled sms/call blocking
  • Enabled camera shutter sound menu
  • Enabled All Rotations 360*
  • Enabled Call Recording
  • Enabled Infinite scroll on launcher
  • Enabled Dev Settings By Default
  • Enabled Ink Effect with Finger
  • Disabled Increasing Ringer
  • Disabled Signature checks
  • Disabled Safe Volume Warning
  • Disabled Scrolling Cache
  • Disabled Music Pause in camera
  • Increased Swirliness of Ripple lockscreen
  • Exchange Security Disabled on Email
  • System Status = Official
  • SysRW/SysRO support
  • Zipaligned on boot
  • Miui/Cm/Aosp Ringtones/Notifications
  • Unimited contact links

Stock Browser Mods:
  • enabled clearing of history
  • enabled bookmark deletion
  • enabled delete all on download list
  • enabled unlimited tabs
  • enabled custom homepage option
  • added exit button to app

Messaging Mods:
  • enabled mms/sms delivery reports option
  • enabled mms read reports option
  • enabled group messaging
  • enabled Nortification Vibrate Option
  • enabled screen on/off option
  • enabled save/restore messages
  • enabled split view option
  • enabled emergency report options
  • enabled bigger mms pictures
  • enabled sms widget
  • disabled converting effect between sms/mms
  • 999 Max sms message limit
  • 999 Max mms message limit
  • 999 Max Recipient Limit
  • unlimited messaging rate limit

Removed Bloat:
  • Removed How-to Videos
  • Removed Easy Mode
  • Removed Misc Google Bloat
  • Removed Misc Verizon Bloat (Kept My Verizon & Visual VoiceMail)
  • Removed Verizon OTA update Capability
  • Removed All Amazon Bloat
  • Removed All Knox Apps
  • Removed Swype Keyboard
  • Maybe More

JellyBeans Custom Settings:
  • Rom Control
    **Misc Mods**
    -Sms Recieved Time stamp Toggle
    -Toggleable Screen On/off animations Crt or Fade

    **LockScreen Mods**
    -Aosp Lockscreen Toggle
    -Aosp Lockscreen Vibrate Toggle
    -Lockscreen Torch Toggle
    -Lockscreen Torch Timeout
    -Lockscreen Sounds Toggle
    -Stock Lockscreen Settings

    **Statusbar Mods**
    -Ime Icon Toggle
    -Alarm Icon Toggle
    -Bluetooth Icon Toggle
    -Sound Icon Toggle
    -StatusBar Color Picker
  • Custom App Settings
    -Spen Keyboard switcher
    -Spen Window Manager
    -Multiwindow Manager
    -Pie Controls
    -Performance Control
    -Gps quick fix
    -Fast Dormancy Toggle
    -Media Drain Fix
  • Xposed Framework Mods
    -Xposed Framework Installer
    -Per-App DPI Settings
    -Xposed Theme Engine
    -Xposed Icon Themer
    -Xposed Unl. Lockscreen Widgets
    -Wanam Xposed
  • JellyBeans OTA/Addons Downloade

and as a torrent in the xda devdb

md5: 4274da6d87c5985e828974d2e1b1ad23

old builds can be found here:
Works with Safestrap or Dev Edition

Step 1-
Make Sure You Have a Custom Recovery Safestrap or Twrp
Step 2-
Wipe all(factory reset and davlick wipe) if coming from an old build
Step 3-
Install the Rom
Step 4-
Reboot and Enjoy!

T730-MAINBOARD-V6.3 Tablet Firmware

here is the link 
rar pass ---> tmobile2013

Sony Ericsson X10i Charging Solution

Use original usb cable and charger for this model only.
Phone might not work when using not original charger.
 Sony Ericsson X10i Charging ways Jumper Solution,Sony Ericsson X10i Charging line Solution,Sony Ericsson X10i Charging ways damage Solution,Sony Ericsson X10i Charging Solution ways repair,Sony Ericsson X10i Charging ic ways line jumper Solution

 Sony Ericsson X10i Charging ways Jumper Solution,Sony Ericsson X10i Charging line Solution,Sony Ericsson X10i Charging ways damage Solution,Sony Ericsson X10i Charging Solution ways repair,Sony Ericsson X10i Charging ic ways line jumper Solution

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