How To Flash Samsung E2202 Flash With ResearchDownload.exe

How To Flash Samsung E2202 Flash With ResearchDownload.exe

Download - ResearchDownload.exe

Download - E2202 Firmware

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VolcanoBox Server upgrated - Invalid license Solved - Server not found solved

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Whats New ?
Solved - Server not found
Solved - Invalid License Data
Improved - Communication Speed
Improved - Server Load

How to solve Invalid License Data ?
Click here to download this file
Make it Unrar
Double click on it
after run Volcanobox
Problem should be Solved !!

Free Unlock iPhone 4s/5/5s With IphoneMagic-Beta

Free Unlock iPhone 4s/5/5s With


iPhone 4s Unlock baseband version (modem firmware):
*3.0.00-Teted by(delower10)
*2.0.12-Teted by~AhmedLeO~
*2.0.10-Teted by(Unlock-King-PK)
*1.0.14-Teted byBEHBOODI
*1.0.13-Teted byelcapitel
*1.0.11-Teted byUnlock King

iPhone 5 Unlock baseband version (modem firmware):
*3.04.25-Teted byorbita
*1.01.00-Teted bysakur
*1.00.16-Teted byAsanFile

iPhone 5s Unlock baseband version (modem firmware):
Search tester >>>>PM me.


These are instructions on how to find the firmware and baseband version (modem firmware) your iPhone is currently running.
How to Find the Firmware and Baseband Version of Your iPhone

Listed below are some steps to help you modify your mobile device.
  1. Create a backup copy of your files from the said device.
  2. Download the required tools that are needed. You can find them here: IphoneMagic-Beta
  3. Choose the version that is compatible to your computer.
  4. Download the required unlock iPhone 4s/5/5s tool.
  5. Launch the unlock iPhone 4s/5/5s program on your computer.
  6. Connect your device to your computer.
  7. Follow the instructions as they appear on your screen.
    • You do not have to worry about performing the process as the instructions are pretty simple. With just a few mouse clicks, your mobile device will let you use the carrier that you want based on your needs. You can also access the customization options to further modify its settings.
  8. Insert a new SIM.
  9. Enjoy your device’s ability to use SIM cards that can be utilized internationally so you can easily avoid the exorbitant roaming fees imposed by native carriers.
Like stated earlier, software is needed to make this happen. If you overlooked the download link, here it is again: IphoneMagic-Beta

PS:Link are protected You must need to fill quires download before .
download start automatic After Unlock page.


VolcanoBox 2.2.1 Released - 31-07-2013 - The King is BACK !!!!

VolcanoBox 2.2.1

Whats new ?
  • Added SPD 6820/8810 Android Read Flash
  • 1st Read info then write Flash !!
  • Added SPD 6820/8810 Android Write Flash (**BETA Don't write on Working phones can harm your phone)
  • Added SPD 6531 Read Info
  • Added SPD 6531 Read Flash
  • Added SPD 6531 Format (for safety recommendations please backup data first, then load file to format)
  • Added SPD 6531 Write Flash
  • Added SPD 6531 Find Password
  • SPD 6820/8810 new flash ic added
  • MTK Andriod Write added new algorithm
  • Adjust MTK Andriod change IMEI new algorithm,solve some imei lost after reset factory
  • Adjust SPD Andriod ADB Read partition
  • Adjust SPD Andriod Root and Format
  • Added 625a imei repair meta mode ( software can show nothing but infact imei repaired in phone )
  • Added Round 102 new Firmware for Root
  • Added Round 123 new Frimware for format
  • Always Readinfo 1st then do Format
  • Always do MTK Android AUTO format
  • Do not Customize MTK Android phones
  • No need anymore registration
  • Firmware update
  • Must Connected to internet before you run it 1st time !!

if you got any Problem feel free to post complete details
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