Samsung S5222 Flash File & Flasher

Samsung S5222 Flashing Without Box Step By Step

Install Infenion Drivers

Step1: Open Flasher "FlashTool_E2.exe" (link is given below)

Step2: Select flash File Using Given Method

Step3: Erase Calibration Select "Erase Whole Flash Before Download"

Step4: Communication Driver Select "Infenion UsB Drivers"

Step5: Press Next

Step6: Then Press "Start USB1"

Step7: Then Insert USB In Mobile Without Battery Wait 2Sec Until Synchronise show Then Insert Battery

After Flashing Reset E2P Using Code *2767*3855#

Flash File One click file hosting: S5222XXLAF_XELAE.rar

Flasher One click file hosting: C3750_C3650_FlashTool_E2_XMM2150.rar

Blackberry Z10 App Applications

Download the file from below link: - Download - 4shared

DepositFiles download - 2shared

Unzip the file and Use DDPB to install it on your blackberry z10.

This is the latest working version with new theme

Pegasus Box v1.3.4 - unlock codes reading added for some phones with new security

Made some changes and improvements to the main software

Pegasus Box v1.3.4 Release Notes:

  • Added support for unlock code reading of the listed below models with new security protection:
    • S5360
    • S5360B
    • S5360L
    • S5360T
    • S5363
    • S5367
    • S5369
    • B5510
    • B5510B
    • B5510L
    • B5512
    • S5570i
    • S5830i
    • S5839i
    • S6102
  • EULA was updated according to recent DMCA changes.
  • Made some improvements to the software and fixed minor bugs.

Download Pegasus Box v1.3.4

LGTOOL 2.08 released: new BlackBerry features (PIN, BSN); LG & HTC improvemets

by SEtool team

Version 2.08 released!

New version highlights:
World’s first repair PIN & BSN for BlackBerry smartphones!


New for LGTOOL direct services:

BlackBerry 9810, 9850, 9860, 9900, 9930, 9981, 9620 - Still Exclusive!

- GetInfo (IMEI, PIN, BSN)
- Repair PIN
- Repair BSN

New for LGTOOL remote services:

LG over 200 most actual models

- improved unlock codes calculation

HTC over 40 most actual models

- improved unlock codes calculation

Other changes in LGtool, SGtool and remote services:

- Added more LG FW on support servers
- LG calc algo improved
- HTC calc algo improved

You can view our official reseller list here. Resellers with credits available are marked as “In stock”, please contact them now to avoid disappointment.

Since v. 2.0 new license system for activated users is added. Please do not install LGtool 2.xx until you purchase LGtool license (paid activation).
New users should install v.1.99 first to register smart card.

LGTool/SGTool Official Support Forum
LGTool Official Website

Symphony FT04 Pf Jumper Solution 100% Tested

Nokia C7 power on off solution 100% Tested

Clone Samsung Galaxy Tab A10 chipset too many patterns[DONE]!!!

UNIT: SAMSUNG clone Galaxy Tab

DIAGNOSTIC: Too many patterns

  • CA-101 usb cable(Nokia 5130 usb cable)

  • DOWNLOAD THIS ===> adb package
  • extract adb package to C:\
  • then go to start run CMD
  • then type "cd\"
  • type "adb package"
  • then type "adb shell"
  • then type "wipe data"
  • wait till DONE...
  • then reboot unit....
    • NOTE: when typing the command words don't use quotation use only the colored words shown above

here's my finished product:

hope it will help!!!!

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