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Install Bangla Font on Any Android Devices

Install Bangla Font on Any Android Devices

Most Bangali User wants Bengali language support for their Android Samartphone.

Here is an app that can install bangla font in any android devices

Download Bangla font

Installation : (For Samsung Only )
  • Download the file in your PC and transfer to Phone
  • Open the downloaded file by tapping, in your device and Install
  • Go to Settings > Display > Font style and Select BanglaFont, tap OK then tap “Restart now”.

Installation : (For Other Android )

Just install and forget . Its done for you .

Now How to write bangla in Any android ?

First install this font to your phone its impotent because without it you wont be able to read bangla in Android Market and then download any keyboard from below & Install it.

Another Method For install bangla font in your android devices...

1.Download solaimanlipi2.0.ttf(new version) font. Rename it to DroidSansFallback.ttf
2. Go to your device's system>fonts> folder and replace the "DroidSAnsFallback.ttf" font with yours. Use file manager that can access you root folders such as: root explorer or file manager HD
3. Restart your device and it should be rendered with native bangla support.

DOWNLOAD Solaimanlipi Font

NOTE:Many android of symphony and walton has bangla support .. thats mean you can read bangla without installing any font ... like w60 .. but if your android fails to do so then use the flowing application to make it works.

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