Nokia 2690 MMC IC jumper 100000000% working solution

Nokia N8 touch screen not working10000% tested solution

Nokia N8 touch screen not working tested solution

Nokia 2760-2660 full solution here

2670-2660 charging solutioun

2670-2660 mic solution


China E71 TV P.A. Jumper

eto actual picture

Nokia 5800 display light solution 100% working

iPod Touch 4G Not Charging Solution!

I have figured out that it have same 2 in 1 mosfet like in iphone4.
Before jump make a check if you have 5V with charger at each color
no need to jump Q2.

iPod Touch 1G Wifi Antenna Way Solution!

If wifi flex broken make 2 jumpers Black GND Green is wifi antenna way,if bad wifi signal remove goldplated component and jump it look in picture.

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