Apple:Download link for an iOS firmware or a jailbreak tools

iOS Firmwares

iPad 4: 6.0.1
iPad mini (wifi):
iPad mini (GSM): 6.0.2
iPad mini (CDMA): 6.0.2
iPad 3 (wifi):
iPad 3 (GSM):
iPad 3 (CDMA):
iPad 2 (new gen): 6.0.1
iPad 2:
iPad 2 (GSM):
iPad 2 (CDMA):
iPhone 5 (GSM):
iPhone 5 (CDMA):
iPhone 4S:
iPhone 4 (GSM):
iPhone 4 (3,2):
iPhone 4 (CDMA):
iPhone 3GS:
iPod touch
iPod touch 5G:
iPod touch 4G:
Apple TV
Apple TV 3G: 5.1
Apple TV 2G: 5.1

Older iOS Firmwares

iPad 3 (wifi):
iPad 3 (CDMA):
iPad 3 (GSM):
iPad 2:
iPad 2 (GSM):
iPad 2 (CDMA):
iPad 1:
iPhone 4S: (build 9A406)
iPhone 4 (GSM): 5.1.1 (build 9B208),
iPhone 4 (CDMA):
iPhone 3GS:,
iPhone 3G:,
iPhone 2G:,
iPod touch
iPod touch 4G:
iPod touch 3G:,
iPod touch 2G:
iPod touch:
Apple TV
Apple TV 3G: (build 9B206f)5.0
Apple TV 2G: (build 9B206f),4.3 (build 8F455)4.3 (build 8F305)4.3 (build 8F202)4.3 (build 8F191m)

Jailbreak Tools

These jailbreak tools can be used to jailbreak iDevices from a Mac and Windows computer. 
CLI tool (for Rocky Racoon 5.1.1 Untether)
cinject-0.5.4: Mac - Windows
cinject-0.5.3: Mac - Windows

NOKIA 6120c,No Display,Blue Screen,Solution 100% Tested

NOKIA 6120c,No Display DONE via JUMPER!

Just wanna share this mates,

Action Taken:

Change ESD,
Change LCD,
But still problem persist..

Trace/Check lines,
and i found out that there is/or lack of 2.8v supply in VAUX.

hanap ng ibang 2.8v VAUX supply,
then maki share, )

finished product:

Samsung E2252 Flash File,Flasher & Screenshot

Samsung E2252 Flash File ,Flasher & Screenshot

Samsung E2252 Flasher & File Here

Here Screenshot

Nokia 101 White Display Solution

Nokia 2700c short solution tested

Nokia 101 light solution 10000000% tested

Nokia E7-00 charging and usb ways Solution

Symphony B32 Flash File

Symphony B32 (MTK-6250)

Info :
CPU_Type = MT625A
FLASH_ID = 0x00EF004000160000
FLASH_Name = SF_W25Q32BV
Flash_Size = 0x00300000 (3MB)
Password : $ Ashfaq Tawhid Rayan $

All New Iphone,Ipad New Application Download Free

[deb] DosPad-Beta-1.96.deb 0.9 days old24.2 MB2012-Dec-31 
[ipa] facebook-4.0-whited00r_tested.ipa 0.9 days old98.2 MB2012-Dec-31 
[ipa] Facebook v3.3.3.ipa 0.9 days old52.0 MB2012-Dec-31 
[ipa] Facebook v4.1.1.ipa 0.9 days old116.0 MB2012-Dec-31 
[ipa] Facebook_Messenger_v1.5.3.ipa 0.9 days old55.0 MB2012-Dec-31 
[ipa] Google_v1.0.15.5173.ipa 0.9 days old59.5 MB2012-Dec-31 
[ipa] HEX Editor [aZeR Dills] (v1.0 3GS os50)-TeVo0o.ipa 0.9 days old31.0 MB2012-Dec-31 
[exe] ifunbox_setup.exe 0.9 days old112.9 MB2012-Dec-31 
[ipa] iTap VNC-v1.3.4.ipa 0.9 days old32.7 MB2012-Dec-31 
[ipa] Messenger-v1.2.1.ipa 0.9 days old34.5 MB2012-Dec-31 
[ipa] Shazam (v1-5-3) - most_uniQue.1230665295.ipa 0.9 days old4445.2 KB2012-Dec-31 
[ipa] Skype-v3.0.0.189-WYSE.ipa 0.9 days old411.8 MB2012-Dec-31 
[ipa] Skype_v3.7.0.40.ipa 0.9 days old1116.5 MB2012-Dec-31 
[ipa] Tapatalk-v1.13.1-OviKiss.ipa 0.9 days old35.5 MB2012-Dec-31 
[ipa] Viber_2.1.3.244.ipa 0.9 days old516.2 MB2012-Dec-31 
[ipa] Viber_v2.1.5.ipa 0.9 days old58.5 MB2012-Dec-31 
[ipa] WhatsApp.ipa 0.9 days old84.0 MB2012-Dec-31 
[ipa] WhatsApp_v2.6.10.ipa 0.9 days old87.3 MB2012-Dec-31 
[ipa] Y! Messenger 2.2.8.ipa 0.9 days old517.9 MB2012-Dec-31 

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