How to replace your iPhone 4 battery.

How to replace your iPhone 4 battery.

Step 1.

Open back side of iPhone 4.check the images for open back side.

1) Your iPhone 4 rear cover may have either two #000 Phillips screws or Apple's 5-Point "Pentalobe" screws . Check which screws you have, and ensure you also have the correct screw driver in order to remove them.
2)Remove the two 3.6 mm Pentalobe or Phillips #000 screws next to the dock connector.
Step 2.
Push the back side upward for remove the back cover.check this image for removing.
 Step 3.
  Remove back side from your Iphone.

Step 4.

Remove the screw on the battery connector be careful some iPhone devices have 2 screw on the battery connector.




Step 5.
Use the Plastic stick for unlock jack lock.

Final Step 6.

Finally remove the battery strip from the jack follow these images.
Before reconnecting the battery connector, be sure the pressure contact (shown in red) is properly positioned next to the battery connector.
Before reassembly, be sure to clean all metal-to-metal contact points on the pressure contact as well as its contact point on the rear panel with a de-greaser such as windex (96% ethanol alcohol works well too, but make sure that contacts are dry when done). The oils on your fingers have the potential to cause wireless interference issues.

How To Dissemble iPhone 4

How To Dissemble iPhone 4
Step By Step Tutorial 4 iPhone Disassemble.

Step 1.

Pick your iPhone 4 ..
Step 2
Open on the 2 screw on  bottom of the your iPhone 4.

Step 3.
  Remove back side of the iPhone 4.

For remove iPhone 4 Battery click here for tutorial

 Step 4.

    Use screw driver for removing screws.
   Remove top side screws.

Remove left side screw .

  Use plastic stick for removing the jack and strips.Do not use screw driver it may be damage jack or strip.

Step 6.
 Remove camera strip and remove camera. 

Remove all jack connect to upper board an remove it.
Remove the board
Board Pictures
Step 8.
 Remove All other connector from the top board

Final Step.

Nokia 110 Lcd and Keypad Lights Solution

Nokia 110 Lcd and Keypad Lights Solution


- LCD and Keypad Lights

Action Taken

- Replace Coil and transistor no luck


- Jumper pin no. 2 to coil


Karbonn V121, X121, B121 Unlock Solution

Karbonn Rockstar V121, Turbo B121 and Buzz X121 
Unlock Code
Use code for lock and unlock phone 
*367590# UNLOCK PHONE.

use these codes 100% tested by me ..

One Click Pattern Unlock SamsunG v2

One Click Pattern Unlock SamsunG v2

[+]ADDED List Model Supported
[+]ADDED Android Factory Settings - Phone Lock Disable
[+]ADDED Infineon Phones Factory Settings - Phone Lock Disable by USB or RJ45
[+]ADDED Broadcom BCM21xx Factory Settings - Phone Lock Disable
[+]ADDED Broadcom BCM2155 Factory Settings - Phone Lock Disable
[+]ADDED Button For Capture Screen Program

Note: ByPass Pattern Unlock Only Support following Versions:

v2.1.x YES
v2.2.x YES
v2.3.x YES
v4.0.x ONLY SUPPORT " Factory Settings" !

ps: disable your antivirus, THIS IS NO VIRUS!!!!!!!!!!!

Download here

Samsung SGH-F480V Ringer Solution

China Samsung S5570 Format DOne

It is sensing the pinout fast,please hold on the phone Power key
Connecting...Please hold on the POWER key until the red gauge is going...
Any errors please select another boot and try again.
BB:6253, HardwareVer:8A00, SoftwareVer:8A02
Loading boot...
INT_SYSRAM_BOOT test completed.
Loading boot...
Boot2 test completed.
Nor Flash ID: 00EC240400000000
Nand Flash ID: 0000000000000000
Read Hardware Information is done.
Config EMI(Nor Flash only)...
Failed to check H/W.
Get Project ID from phone...
Project ID: 6253_C85B_HPG_ML_CRIGHT_v02
Changing baudrate to 921600...
Formatting Flash...
AutoFormat address: start=0x00E00000, size=0x00200000
All Done

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