Symphony S103 (MTK-6250) Flash File

Symphony S103 (MTK-6250)

Info -

WBG1303SY_0201_PCB01_GPRS_MT6250_S00.1303SY_0201_V 0972.BIN

CPU_Type = MT625A

Flash ID : 002C00CB
Flash _Type : SF_N25W128
Flash_Size = 0x100000 (16MB)
Password : Ashfaq TAWHID Rayan

Symphony C44 (MTK-6223) Flash File

Symphony C44 (MTK-6223)

Info - 4 (4mb)

BREEZE_S56_SBTEL_6432_PCB01_GPRS_MT6223P_S00.BREEZ E-S56_SBTEL_L1EN_202_101222_CAM000_MCP64+32_FM_EON_P CB60.BIN
Password : Ashfaq-Tawhid-Rayan

Symphony Ft45 Flash File (Android)

Symphony Ft45 (Android)

Info -

CPU_Type = MT6255

Flash ID : 0x000098B1


Flash Size = 0x08000000 (128MB)

Password : Ashfaq Tawhid Rayan_BY GSM HOQUE

Nokia C5-02 Grounded/Shorted No Power [ Solved ]

Nokia C5-00.2 Grounded/Shorted No Power [ Solved ]

  • Nokia C5-00.2

  • RM-745

Phone Status
  • No Power "cause" by: Grounded/Shorted

Phone History
  • Water Damage (may carwash) kasi ang may-ari ng unit

MULTITESTER => Check Grounded

Remove Capasitor (near) GAZOO (ic)

After Remove Capasitor (Tester) Again / Now Grounded is 0 grade wala ng grounded

"BUT" Still No Power parin => Now Proceed to rehut or, shake Gazoo (ic)

After rehut or, shake gazoo (ic) Test the phone & turn on => started Solved

Now All is well

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