Symphony W25/Karbon A7/Ktouch W650 & Mobistar S01 ICS update & Root

Good news for Symphony w25/Karbon A7/Ktouch W650 & Mobistar S01 phone user. All of you are using a old version of android operating system 2.3 (GingerBread). Don't worry this is new operating system of android for you. Now you are able to Update your phone in ICS (ice cream sandwich) 4.0.4 and also can get root permission  ICS (ice cream sandwich) is a beautiful features of android operating system. You can customize your apps, move all apps in sd card, also can remove unnecessary apps from rom and so many things. If you root your phone you will get all extra stuff of android. It is a faster operating system than GingerBread. Now i will show you that How to  update ICS & Root Symphony W25/Karbon A7/Ktouch W650 & Mobistar S01. Just follow the instruction.

Files need to be downloaded:-
1. AP & BP for ICS S01
4. Symphony ICS stable
6. 7-zip
Password:-  jabadbd24

Windows 7
1. Download all files in your computer
2. Now put them in a folder
note: Put them in "D:\W25" folder
3. Now install "7-zip" in your computer
4. Now extract the selected files using 7-zip
5. Make sure that you have following folders in "D:\W25" folder
6. Now go to the folder location where you put the downloaded files
7. Then go to "(AP+BP)_ICS_S01\(AP+BP)_ICS_S01\ICS_S01" folder
8. Extract "" by clicking it 7-zip>Extract Here
9. Now copy "NPRG7627A.hex" to "591357_8376_WCDMA_V0005" folder
10. Switch off your phone
11. Remove battery, SIM cards and SD card
12. Now place battery on your phone
13. Press and hold "POWER BUTTON + VOLUME DOWN BUTTON" together, you will see “QPST Entry Download”
14. Now Connect your phone to your pc
15. You will see a popup window, cancel it
16. Go to your device manager and follow the procedure below
17. For you the driver location will be "D:\W25\S01_Drivers\drivers\Driver\HK11-VB717-27\HK11-VB717-27_1.0.56\Win32\x86\free"
18. Click Ok and press Next
19. Driver will be installed
20. Close it and Go to device manager and you will see something like this
21. In my case i got COM3, you may have diffrent port number
22. Now go to "D:\W25\S01_flash_tools\fast_boot"
23. Open “fastboot1.0.2.4.exe” You will see something like this
24. Click on “BP Browse” select folder “D:\W25\(AP+BP)_ICS_S01\(AP+BP)_ICS_S01\ICS_S01\591357_8376_WCDMA_V0005"
25. Put the port number on “BP Port” and press Download
26. Download should start if everthing is allright
27. After download compleate “fastboot1.0.2.4.exe” will close by itself
28. You need to pull your phone bettery to shut it down
29. Disconnect the phone form your pc
30. Place your phone battery on the phone
31. Now press "POWER BUTTON + VOLUME UP" and wait untill you see a GREEN display on your phone
32. Connect you phone and you will see a new Device is found named "Android"
33. Now install the drivers by following procedure like prevoiusly shown and use the folder location “D:\W25\S01_Drivers\drivers\Driver\adb_driver” for drivers
34. After driver instlation compleate, go to “D:\W25\S01_flash_tools\EMMC_AP”
35. Install "vcredist_x86"
36. Now open “QUALFAST2.0.4(Factory).exe”
37. Click on “SEL PATH” button and select “D:\W25\(AP+BP)_ICS_S01\(AP+BP)_ICS_S01\ICS_S01\TBW591357_9999_V0001_2" folder click ok, you will see
38. Now press “OK” and wait for first “Waiting Decices…” to be compleated and then disconnect the phone
39. Pull your battery and start your phone, ICS should start with forign language
40. Now extract "CWM-English.rar" by clicking it 7-zip>Extract Here
41. Shutdown your phone
42. Insert your sim and sd card
43. Press "POWER BUTTON + VOLUME UP button" till the GREEN display appears
44. Connect your phone with the computer
45. Go to "D:/W25\CWM-English" folder
46. In this folder click "SHIFT + Right Click" and select open command window here
47. Now type Fastboot devices and press enter
48. You should see something like “???????????? fastboot
49. Now type fastboot boot recovery-english.img and press enter
50. Wait sometime, CWM recovery should boot
51. Now from the phone menu Select “wipe data/factory reset” and select yes
note: You can use volume up, volume down and power button to do this operation
52. After finishing slect “wipe cache partition” and select yes
53. After that, go to “mount & Storage” > “Mount Usb Drive”
54. Now sd card will be mounted on your computer
55. Copy “D:\W25\clockworkmod_rainwalker\clockworkmod” to your sd card
note: Copy "clockworkmod" folder in root of sd card
56. After completing select “Unmount” from your phone and Select “Go back”
57. Select “Backup and Restore”
58. Select “Restore”
59. Select “ICS_W25_Stable” and confirm, wait for restore to complete
60. Then reboot your phone
note: If you do not see “ICS_W25_Stable” in “Restore” option then restart your phone and try again
61. Then start your phone and enjoy

Finally, Problem solved!
Now you can update ICS (ice cream sandwich) & Root your Symphony W25/Karbon A7/Ktouch W650 & Mobistar S01

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