How to hard reset Lumia 900

hard reset is always a panacea for thousands of problems on a phone, to apply this great medicine on Nokia Lumia 900, Lumia 800 and Lumia

610 first switch off your phone then hold down a sequence of three keys for almost 5 to 10 seconds:-
camera key + volume down key +

and power on/off key
. That’s it, now your Lumia 900 will restart to return to the Factory default settings.

How to hard reset Lumia 900, Lumia 800, and Lumia 610 via phone’s settings ?

- hard reset on Nokia Lumia 900, Lumia 800, Lumia 610 can also be performed via phone’s settings, to do so follow the below

mentioned steps carefully:-

1. On your
Home screen hit the RIGHT ARROW button

2. Now choose
settings > tap “about

3. Next option would be
“reset your phone”, tap on that (this option may lie in the bottom of your phone’s screen)

4. Hit
YES to confirm

All Nokia Reset and Hard Reset Just Read This

All Nokia Reset and Hard Reset

Your Nokia stuck at logo or memory full? Can't delete temporay files because they are hidden or set to readonly? Don't worry, you can reset almost all nokia symbian series easily. Formatting the device will permanently erase all user data and settings as well as add-on applications and operator specific settings.

How to Reset Nokia? (Work for all symbian series)
Just ype *#7370# or *#7380# or *#7780# in standby or Factory settings ► Delete data and restore ► YES. Before the device is reset, you need to provide the lock code. The default lock code is 12345.

How to Hard Reset Nokia?
Simply press and hold this (* + 3 + call and Power on). Remember, your battery level atleast 50%. Some of Nokia models just remove battery and wait 5min and then insert it again.

Nokia N8 Hard Reset
With the phone turned off, press VOLUME DOWN + CAMERA key + MENU + POWER key. for 1 minute (Maybe not working!!! Pls confirm...)

Nokia E7 Hard Reset
Press the Menu Key , Down Volume Key and Camera Key together and press the Power button on the top till the phone vibrates , restarts and goes to Connecting People Logo.
Nokia X6 Hard Reset
With the phone turned off Nokia X6 master reset, press both CALL + END + CAMERA keys together + Power ON the phone.
Nokia C6-00 Hard Reset
With the phone turned off, press both CALL + END +CAMERA keys together.
Nokia 500 Hard Reset
1. Take out the battery, sim, memory card. Leave it for 15 minutes.
2. After, put it all back together then charge your phone. (you should see a white flickering light in the middle key)
3. Now, Press the volume up and down key + answer key + power key and lock key simultaneously for 8-10 seconds.
Nokia Lumia 710, Lumia 800, Lumia 610, Lumi 900 Hard Reset
1. On the Start screen, tap ▪►
2. Tap Settings > about phone
3. Tap reset your phone, and then tap yes
Nokia Lumia 800 Hard Reset
- Charge your phone. Turn off your Nokia 800.  Hold Volume Down + Camera + Power
- Release Power, but hold Volume Down + Camera for 5 secs. Release buttons
- Phone will start with factory settings without prompting

First try this to soft reset your Nokia 800 Lumia. Press and hold the Volume down and Power buttons until it vibrates, after that you have to release all the keys then phone will vibrate 3 times.
Nokia Lumia 900 Hard Reset
Turn off your Nokia Lumia 900. Press and hold the following buttons Camera + Volume down + Power until your phone vibrates, then release only the Power key and keep pressing the Camera + Volume down for a couple of seconds 4-5s.
Nokia 5800 Hard Reset
Press and hold GREEN + RED + CAMERA and press power button
Nokia N97 mini Hard Reset
Press and hold GREEN + RED + CAMERA and press power button.
Nokia N97 Hard Reset
With the N97 turned off. Slide out the keyboard. Press and hold shift + space + BACKSPACE + POWER ON N97 mini
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