How to Root the Galaxy S Blaze 4G

  1. For the first step you must download the kernel described before along with the PIT file. You can get it from here (place it on the PC).
  2. Install Odin and the run it.
  3. In the Odin window click on the “PDA” option and then select the file downloaded in step one (the kernel one).
  4. On the same Odin, click on the “PIT” option and select the second file downloaded in step 1.
  5. Select the “auto reboot” option and leave the rest as they are, don’t make any other changes.
  6. Take your phone and turn it off.
  7. Reboot it by entering in download mode: hold down simultaneously the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons while powering on the device.
  8. After that, connect the Blaze with the computer by using the USB cord.
  9. In Odin you should see the “Added” message.
  10. Click on “Start” in order to start rooting and installing the kernel.
  11. In the end, the phone should reboot automatically and in Odin you should see the “Pass” message.
  12. You can safely disconnect the handset from the PC by removing the USB cable.
Congratulations, your Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G is now rooted. You can start updating its OS or flash custom ROMs as the system is finally unchained and opened for changes. Do tell us how things works and if everything went fine.

Let’s install the Android ICS 4.0.4 firmware on the Huawei U8120

  • urn on USB Debugging (Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging) – enabled means checked.
  • Disable any anti-virus on your PC or phone, as they could interfere with the update process.
  1. Download the ClockWorkMod Recovery Package, ICS 4.0.4 Package and Google Apps on your PC and upload them to your phone via USB.
  2. Unplug the USB cable, turn off the device and boot it in Recovery Mode (Power + Volume Up + Green Button).
  3. Now that your phone is in Recovery Mode, select install zip from sd card and then choose zip from sd card. Now select the downloaded files in the same order mentioned earlier.
  4. After the update is done, you will be taken back to Recovery Mode. Select ++++ Go Back ++++ and then reboot the system. If you encounter any problems, take the battery out and place it back in.
It’s as easy as that, now you have installed the Android ICS 4.0.4 on the Huawei U8120, have fun and watch out for new updates, as we will come with new updates every now and then.

Samsung Galaxy S4 on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean without Factory Reset

Root Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean without Factory Reset

 Samsung. Rooting your Verizon Galaxy S4 is easy and you will first need to flash a new kernel, run ODIN and flash the root files using Motochopper utility root exploit, while afterwards you will have to flash again the stock kernel for this device. In order to be sure that you easily flash the rooting files with success, you will need to take a look at the preparation guide below:
  • this is a guide that works only with the Verizon variant of the Samsung Galaxy S4. Don’t try to use this guide with any other Galaxy S4 model, as you will end up bricking them.
  • it works only with Windows computers.
  • make sure that your PC has the Samsung USB Drivers installed – download link here.
  • try and backup some of your most important before installing the root. I know I said that this guide won’t wipe any file from your smartphone, but, you should still save some files.
  • this tutorial has 3 parts, the first one teaches you how to flash a pre-release VRUAMD2 kernel, the second one will help you root the device with Motochopper’s exploit tool, while the third part will show you how to re-flash the stock VRUAMDK stock kernel.
  • make sure that the phone’s battery has enough power before starting the root process.
  • if you cannot complete this guide, then you should ask for extra help in comments.
These were all the general guidelines that you had to go over. Now, below you will find all the files / tools download links, save them on your PC:
> Download Odin 3.07 here. Extract its contents after the download is complete and place them in a single folder on your computer.
> Download VRUAMD2 Pre-Release Kernel from HERE.
> Download VRUAMDK Stock Kernel from HERE.
> Download the Motochopper Root exploit utility from HERE. Unzip the file and save its contents into a folder.

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