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Fastboot & ADB Tool with Driver [Solution]

Fastboot : Fastboot is a special diagnostic and engineering protocol. You can boot your HTC Android Devices into fastboot mode. While in fastboot, you can modify the file system images from a computer like you can flash kernel as well as other partitinos.
ADB : ADB stands for Android Debug Bridge. Its a tool to send commnads to Android Phones from Computer Command Line.
Download Fastboot & ADB tool and driver Dev-Host - Fastboot+ADB(20926).zip
If you are more advanced and want more on android developing you can download Android SDK
Android SDK | Android Developers

Nokia X2-01 left,E,D,C,P keys not working Done via jumper 100% Tested


GB-Key v1.47 Released ... Zte Android Part 3 #MustHaveTool

GB-Key ver. 1.47 Released
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What's New ?
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Zte Android
[ Added ]
- ZTE V8043
- ZTE V790
- ZTE V788D
- ZTE Maxi Plus 5
- ZTE Amazing A1
- ZTE Acqua

.) Fast Direct Unlock 5 sec

- Auto learning method for non supported fw Analyse in few seconds
" This means when there is a non supported fw
GB-key Sw will analyse fw automatically and fw will be supported instantly
So no need to wait for updates or send us dump

We support actual and UPCOMING Firmware...Unique in Market !!
Feel POwer of GB-Key...a Profesional Tool and a Must Have

Always Use Last update

Who can give you more ??!!!

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GPG Dragon V3.19 Beta Update(2013-3-21)

Add Mstar 8532BL CPU Support
Add MTK Smart Phone EMMC Flash Read Flash Support
Fix SPD 6600L flash Bugs
Fix Mstar NAND Flash Bugs

Click Download Dragon V3.19C Beta

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