Micromax x510 all solution

Micromax X510 charging not save solution

charging not save

Micromax X510 charging ways solution

charging ways

Micromax X510 auto handsfree mode solution

auto handsfree mode solution

Micromax X510 Display Light solution

Display Light step 1

step 2

Micromax X510 Low Network solution

Low Network

Micromax X510 Tested Mic Jumper solution

Tested Mic Jumper

Micromax X510 Ringer / Audio ways solution

Ringer / Audio ways

Micromax X510 MMc Ways solution

MMc Ways

Micromax X510 battery connector ways solution

battery connector ways

Micromax X510 Touch Connector ways solution

Touch Connector ways

Micromax X510 camera module not ready solution

check this connector properly

Micromax X510 Ear Speaker ways 2 solution

Ear Speaker ways 2

Micromax X510 Ear speaker solution 1

iPad 2 No Image,White Screen,Blue Screen with lines Solution

iPad 2 Light Not Work Solution.

This make if you try other lcd and flex.

iPhone 4S Wifi-BT Signal Way.

Here chk the signal way if you have low signal or no signal not beep,open replace components or jump you decide.

i phone 4s Short solution

iPhone 3GS. not charging battery solution

iPhone 4S USB Solution Ways.

iPhone 3GS No Charging Third Solution with new layout

iPhone 4S Battery Ways Solution NEW!

Try this if some track is broken no beep,no continuity etc.

iPod Touch 4G Touch Not Work Solution NEW!

If other touch not help try this step by step.

iPhone 3G No Service,low signal etc Solution!

If phone unlocked and antenna way ok try this.

iBar 4G Flash Light Solution!

This is to solve Flash Light of Camera.

iPhone 4G Home Button Solution!

iPhone 3G Electrostatic Dissipation Components That Make Problems!!!

A bunch of people are afraid to remove this components i advice them to not think much refer to this picture.

iPod Touch 4G USB Ways!

If some track damaged not beep with multimeter make jumper.

iPod Touch 4G Not Charging Solution!

I have figured out that it have same 2 in 1 mosfet like in iphone4.
Before jump make a check if you have 5V with charger at each color
no need to jump Q2.

iPod Touch 1G Wifi Antenna Way Solution!

If wifi flex broken make 2 jumpers Black GND Green is wifi antenna way,if bad wifi signal remove goldplated component and jump it look in picture.

iPhone 3GS charging is not supported with this accessory solution

1.try other USB cable,or charger.
2.Replace dock flex connector.
3.Replace this diode marked with red.
4.Reball/Replace PMIC.

iPhone 3G Battery Ways in Board.

This how i solved Charging Complete after insert cable it was damaged NTC and Batt Temp in board.

iPhone 3G Low/No Wifi signal Solution

If you have Wifi signal problems make this tested and working!

iPhone 4 Not Charging Solution!

1.Check battery ways already posted if are ok try this.

iPhone 4 Sim Solution

If this not solve 1.check battery NTC and Gas Gauge 2.reball BB CPU.

iPhone 3GS Battery Ways solution

Sorry for this bad quality i not know why imageshack when i upload this picture it changed colors.

iPhone 3GS Earphone Solution.

iPhone 4 Second USB Solution.

If other USB cable and dock flex not solve try this.

iPhone 3G White LCD.

This happen after water damage.

iPhone 3G Short Between + and - solution

This happen in some 3G after dropped & water damaged.

iPhone 3G Sim Blocked Inside the Phone Solution.

When you try take out sim it is blocked inside and need disassemble to fix,i make this an solved.

iPhone 3GS Camera Solution!

iPhone 4 Battery Ways.

iPhone 3G CPU Removed.

It is easier to reball this cpu than in iPhone 2G.

iPhone 3GS Light Solution!!!

If other lcd not fix with this solution 100% will fix.

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